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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Osea - Make me feel track review

Year : 2017
Genre : Synth Pop
Where to check the song out : >-here-<
Origin : Italy

Osea's track "Make me feel" reveals pop sensibilities rooted in an era that has shown interest in drawing pulsations that are in a constant sync with the intriguing thrills of the night. Anatomically, the piece showcases the straightforward compositional tactics, and you probably would have no qualms if to hear this statement smuggled neatly and secretly into any and all sensual compilations .

What's particularly interesting, is Osea's mixed voice singing, as he is so authentically past over any and all anxiety of how he sounds, that the mere act of witnessing him embracing his own acumen, - without any obtrusive effects unleashed, mind us - is a liberating experience, and, by the end of the logical conclusion of this elegantly simple and simply elegant effort, you find yourself being curious of a consecutive track, which hopefully is under construction already.

Check out "Make me feel" at Osea's SoundCloud here.
GyZ at Bandcamp.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Rahul Mukerji - Ma De Re Sha review

Year : 2017
Genre : Instrumental Melodic Rock
Origin : United States
Where to check the album out: > - here - <

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Rahul Mukerji's debut effort is a straight-to-the-point guitar album, in which the Indian-born artist showcases apt capacities and talent at coming up with Satrianiesque riffage-galore, and, not surprisingly, the music on display works the best whenever Mukerji attempts to go beyond the influential ties via sculpting out an authentic musical identity, which especially is noticeable in the track called Children of I-2, which this reviewer considers the stone cold sober high point of the release. Satriani himself would snap his famous fingers in approval upon hearing the aforementioned declaration, as the Flying in a Blue Dream-influence-, although thematically present, yields music that immediately goes for the core of playfully morose gloom, and channels content right from the heart of it. Read on to know more.

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