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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Eli Tidmore - Chameleon review

Year : 2017
Genre : Soft Rock
Website: > - here - <
Origin : United States

Eli Tidmore 's Chameleon LP is a meticulously optimized effort, highlighting the key areas of musical influence the artist deems as the most relevant ones in his personal evolution as a creator.

A keen and relentless sense for strong melodies is observable throughout the spin, dressed in myriad sense of well-researched flavors, as expressed by the mere individual moods the songs themselves choose to submit to. The character of the music is mellow at heart, yet never depressively morose enough as to make the narration overly sorrowful or elegiac, as Tidmore has an excellent sense on how/when smuggle a tidbit of irony in the mix, - usually both lyrically and musically - thereby evading shoegaze territory. Read on to know more.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Richard Schroder - Wildest Dreams track review

Year : 2018
Genre : Country
Origin : United States
Official site: > - here - <

Listening to Richard Schroeder's Wildest Dreams makes one realize that this highly talented artist has surely must have forgotten more about country than one is likely to ever know about it. The track is an all-heft-out-, sizzling, boomy declaration of robust, major country-power, and the best thing about this effort is how it manages to come up with lyrical content that literally invites you to re-adjust your position regarding what you thought to be true about the world, and you in it, AND, naturally: your wildest dreams in it.

Hearing a country singer so efficiently challenging you to ponder if your wildest dreams indeed are wild enough, (thus, worthy to have enough) is the most you could hope for from this genre-, nevertheless, a rock solid variation on this solemn agenda. With extremely well-researched production values that encompass you into a lush torment of sound, and high quality performances, Wildest Dreams proudly reigns in the intriguing intersection where the content and genre is definitely country, yet, the flags of rock already are seen on the horizon.

Seldom-, yet super-pleasant are the times when the reviewer has no other option than to express a maximal level of enthusiasm towards an artist, and the precedent now indeed is such, as this doubtless is a declaration that punches two balls home in a single swing, even though both are coming in with 360 miles per second. An immediate recommendation.

Where to check the song out:
Richard Schroder's Soundcloud

Richard Schroder's official website:

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Collins and Streiss - Free review

Year : 2018
Genre : Pop
Label : Independent
Origin : Canada
Where to check out: > - here - <

With their track called "Free", Canadian duo Collins and Streiss gives you one thorough, unperturbed opportunity to hear and feel how their collective artistic credo bends to the meticulously formatted will of positivity. Anatomically reminiscent to a friendly, beefy church song, Free is quick to reassure you that no harm will be done to the fabric of the universe during the playtime of the declaration, and indeed all sentiments of shade are thoroughly discarded from the safe space the song seeks to convey-, and, in a sense, imprison you in.

From a structural point of view, the statement reflects the central anatomy of a collaborative effort which indeed has been made via the most conservative approach possible, resulting in an intact, yet relatively immobile core that could not have been tampered with during the process, as said core itself was the initial main idea all along. The song sounds pleasant, even. Yet, its artistic foundation is having quite hard of a time showcasing anything that freedom would be in jeopardy of. In this sense, the effort bites more than it is about to chew. No challenges are showcased herein except for the management of the unbearable realization of being devoid of those. All life-critical things and comforts are in an arm's vicinity. Everyone is safe and FREE. The irony is considerable, and might very well be of deliberate character. Hard to tell, which is the most optimal aspect of the song.

The track assumes you to be a metaphoric mirror, situated at the center of a heavily censored environment, one which is devoid from content worth critically reflecting on. The track demonstrates a sense of interesting corrosion, resulting from artistic conformity, and the most interesting part is how the narrator seem to fail to see that his diagnosis is a threat signal, and not an achievement. Or, maybe the artist IS perfectly aware, and he is adamant enough at conveying the message that he is ready to sacrifice himself in the process, even. If the case is such, then the song is pure genius. With "Free", you are "Free" to see that freedom is in danger, once everyone safely forgot its price.

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